Inspired and Thankful! :)

Bob Marley has been a source of inspiration for me and many others, his words ring true today!

Yesterday I reached out to old friends and also family letting them know I was starting my blog. Many people I have not seen in years and it has been absolutely inspiring with the positive response I have received. I want to thank each and everyone of you for agreeing to either be my Facebook friend, or to follow my page on WordPress and especially I appreciate it if you took the time to read a blog entry.

For so many years – since one year from graduating from High School I have been afraid and scared to share about my Crohn’s Disease as though it were a weakness and defect – that is what the fear told me. I was afraid I would be judged, I was afraid I would have less opportunities, and I was afraid for anyone to know something so personal – that I suffer daily with pain and fatigue.

Well it turns out that the world is full of good people who care about others. In fact, my fear became a self-fulfilling prophecy to suffer alone, to have the illness isolate me from the world. Well no longer! I see now that by sharing about what it is like to have Crohn’s Disease I will be able to connect to others and to actually be back in the world I have been fearful of entering.

So thank you all and this proves that the world truly is filled with caring and support and not simply hate or judgment.

🙂 Isaac Levinsky

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