Wimbeldon: Federer vs Nadal

There is much to learn from watching tennis if you have a Chronic Illness.

Photo by Guilherme Maggieri on Unsplash

Today is a momentous day in the world of Tennis! Two of the best male Tennis players of all time facing off once again on the grass tennis courts of Wimbledon. I will not spoil the result for those of you whom have not seen the score, but the match was absolutely fantastic. Both Nadal and Federer are absolutely inspiring to watch and they both deserve to win of course.

The same is true for Crohn’s Disease and myself, we both deserve to win, but alas, only one will achieve victory at the end of the match. Just like these tennis greats of today’s match, Crohn’s is a tough opponent, determined, unpredictable, powerful, and not willing to give up. So I remember this Chronic Illness has such power – so I am not overwhelmed with victory or defeat.

If you pay close attention to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, they are consummate professionals! They are gentlemen and they are good sports. They do not let a loss get them too down – there is always another match to play, and they do not just play for the win. When you watch the games and interviews, it is obvious that they ENJOY playing tennis, despite the stress or tension of such a high stakes match.

My point: live in the moment, try your best, enjoy the journey, some days you win your “match against Crohn’s Disease” and other days you lose, but remember – “You are a professional athelete of Chronic Illness and you can always win next time. Train harder, be kinder to yourself, and never give up!”

Game, Set, Match! – Isaac Levinsky