Colonoscopy and Self-Efficacy – Isaac Levinsky

Self efficacy is the belief in one’s own ability to complete a task. When faced with a big challenge this week – another Colonoscopy/Endoscopy with a 4 liter prep of TrilLyte to drink in 3 hours… – I got through it by stating “I can handle this!” and “I know I will be okay!” 🙂 And I was, I did not focus on how bad the prep drink tasted, but instead on the fact that I will get through it and there is a reason to do this – I want to feel better!

-Isaac Levinsky

One thought on “Colonoscopy and Self-Efficacy – Isaac Levinsky

  1. I hate the colonoscopy prep. I lost count of how many colonoscopies I’ve had for abdominal pain due to gastroparesis, GI bleeds, colitis, and more. I know how awful that prep is. These days I get it through my J tube, but it used to make me vomit no matter how many times I told myself I could handle it.

    Attitude does dictate how well you deal with chronic or acute health issues, though, you’re definitely right about that. I’ve definitely noticed that in other ways in my life
    . Keep on with that positive attitude and you will be so much happier and satisfied with your life.


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