Medication Side Effects – Chemotherapy and Infusions

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Today I feel sick this is nothing new. In fact each week I take a chemotherapy drug for my Crohn’s Disease. I also go to a cancer center and receive an infusion for my Crohn’s Disease and that medication is very powerful. The upside is that the medications weakens my immune system so that in theory my immune system attacks my own digestive system less. In my observation, I notice the side effects short-term. I get chills and fevers, severe nausea, loss of appetite, malaise and fatigue, and this ends up with my taking naps and then waking up more tired than when I went to sleep!

I chose the image above because I love the message and I tell myself this each day it seems. Do not give up, I am not alone, and I matter. Taken literally, I am made of matter, there are billions of plants and animals all around – life is everywhere, and defeat is not an option. The deeper meaning is that being positive helps to reduce the negative thinking that gets in the way of making the best out of each day. Also, social support is essential to reducing the isolation caused by illness and medication side effects like fatigue and fevers and chills etc. So instead of covering up in blankets and spending the day in bed if I have severe chills I will wear my winter coat inside with two pairs of pants and this is a normal thing for me to better cope with how I feel.

Right now I feel just awful – what might be described as chemo sick – but I tell myself that this means the medication is working and I know the alternative – no chemo medicine and that road only leads to more surgeries, pain, and worsening of my Crohn’s Disease. So when I do not have a choice in life such as needing to take these powerful immuno-modulators and infusion medication I try to embrace them and be thankful they exist – for I surely would be worse off without them 🙂 So to my readers, keep your head up, do what you need to feel your best today, and listen to your body – if you need to rest then rest, if you just feel sick – try to feel sick and read or watch TV – it beats just staring at the ceiling 🙂

Best, Isaac Levinsky

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