Hurricane Preparedness with a Chronic Illness

NOAA Hurricane Dorian, 08/30/2019 5am Update.

It is important for everyone to take hurricane preparedness seriously. Please visit this website to learn more information including disaster supplies kit from NOAA:

Right now the news is talking about Hurricane Dorian, so please keep up to date. What is not mentioned on the news is how to prepare for your chronic health condition when you have a hurricane projected to land where you live. Each condition is different in terms of medications and other treatments so I will speak specifically to Crohn’s Disease and what are some good general ideas in a list below so I am prepared:

  • Make sure you have enough medication to treat your condition, especially considering you might be stuck at home and unable to access a pharmacy.
  • Considering Crohn’s Disease is a disease of the Digestive System, make sure you not only have survival foods, but foods that you can eat. Check with your doctor.
  • Crohn’s friendly foods: this is quite variable and your doctor might recommend a specific diet. An example is the Low Residue Diet – see link to learn more:

  • Stay ahead of dehydration, have electrolytes ready. Make sure to have plenty of clean drinking water available and you can add Gatorade powder for example to instantly have the electrolytes needed to recover when you have diarrhea from Crohn’s Disease.
  • Share your concerns with your family and ask for help if needed
  • Reduce your stress level and try to relax by reading or listening to music

Stay safe and listen to the news for Hurricane Preparedness and tips for safety.

-Isaac Levinsky

Tracks of all Atlantic tropical cyclones from 1851-2005
by Nilfanion on 2006-08-05. Background image from File:Whole world – land and oceans.jpg

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