Chronic Illness increases vulnerability to Climate Change

Melting Iceburg. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Climate change- in the long term and present moment (Hurricane Dorian) threatens my ability to access state of the art medical care – without which I am not sure how I would survive. This is a major issue for any person suffering with a chronic illness. For example, during a major Hurricane I may be unable to leave my home and access emergency care or medical treatment(s).

Having days to think about Hurricane Dorian and the potential life threatening impact of this major storm has reminded me about research I worked on earlier in my life while going to college for my Bachelor’s Degree. I worked on a research project to inquire if a deforested area of rainforest could be replanted and regrown in a tropical area and what kind of life would return. I witnessed the return of life to the Gaunacaste National Park in Costa Rica!

Today my mind turns to climate change and as it turns out my alma mater published a research article this month called:

The case for strategic and managed climate retreat:

Please visit Science Magazine and read!

I know this Hurricane may become a major burden on my health and that of others with a chronic illness. Climate change and the impact on chronic illness is the bigger issue at hand!

It is very easy for my condition to worsen and flare up if I were to lose power and the conveniences of A/C and fresh food along with the poor sleep, stress, and fear of needing to get to a hospital but being stuck at home!

I repeat, the threat to our modern world by climate change threatens my ability to access state of the art medical care – without which I am not sure how I would survive.

The article from Science Magazine about a strategy to mitigate against damage from climate change and major associated problems such as larger and larger Hurricanes. I am posting this article because 1) There is #HurricaneDorian heading straight toward USA and 2) My undergraduate university published this article and I had a very positive experience working on research at UDEL myself in a related field.

Stay safe during the Hurricane and best regards, Isaac Levinsky