Great Suffering Provides Opportunity for Humanity to Act as One

Cruise Ship sets sail to bring back Hurricane Dorian Survivors from Grand Bahama

To be alive as a human being is to experience pain and suffering at times or at least to see other people have such experiences. One can simply turn on the news or read a newspaper and see that the state of the human condition is fragile. Throughout human history we face many challenges a species including health problems, natural disasters such as Hurricane Dorian, climate change, war, famine; also terrible problems of humanity causing suffering to one another such as in: war, discrimation, murder, genocide, hate, and many other problems.

Yet throughout human history there are numerous examples of people helping other people individually or as a unified group. The devastation caused to the Bahamas and now the US by Hurricane Dorian is hard to watch and also must be watched. I am pleased to see that there are people out there right now helping those in need. You can read this news article and click below t0 see how this cruise line is going to help evacuate survivors from Grand Bahama Island:

I challenge you as a person to do one act of kindness today and know it makes a difference. Saying “thank you” can go a long way and also letting someone know you “appreciate” them is great. First of all, be kind to yourself! Remember – You are a unique individual whom has never before existed in the universe and you do matter, I matter, we all matter (and are made of matter)! So, for example, today I am being kind to myself by taking care of myself and allowing time to rest and relax… and that first act kindness is that I made sure to ask people since the Hurricane, How was the Hurricane for you? How are you doing now?” – It is amazing how that one thoughtful comment allows another person to know that they are not alone and we are all part of humanity as a whole! We went through the Hurricane together – yet apart.

When you look at Earth – we are all together in this fantastic ride around the Universe

Be kind, Isaac Levinsky