4 Tips for Visiting Your Doctor

Healthcare is complicated. Reduce your stress by following the tips below!
  1. Write your doctor’s appointment down in your calendar so you know ahead of time when you will be seeing your specialist or primary care doctor.
  2. Keep a list of any medical appointments, hospital visits, or changes in medication and bring this to your appointment.
  3. Bring in a list of your medications to your doctor’s appointments. Some physician offices will ask you to bring in a bag of all your prescribed and over the counter medicines. Be sure to ask your doctor’s office!
  4. *****Write down a short list of a few concerns you want to discuss during your visit! For example if you have Crohn’s Disease:
    1. Pain in abdomen (keep a daily log regarding your pain and what you ate, this can help your doctor)
    2. Fevers and chills
    3. Diarrhea
    4. Nausea
    5. Medication side effects
Prepare for your appointment at home, ahead of time to reduce stress!

Take care,

Isaac Levinsky

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