Like a Duck out of the Water

I hope your day today is serene and peaceful as the scene below! Read on to learn more about your fellow humans! Below the surface many are suffering right now!

So graceful in the water- wait until the duck is on land and you get an idea of how hard they work to swim!

Today is a day celebrated by many unsung heroes around the world. People like me are in pain due to their chronic illness. They are your weekend warriors and you did not know it. In life we can not really see what is really going on with someone by looking at them. Have you ever seen a duck swim in a pond? They are graceful on the surface just gliding along! But below the surface they are paddling and moving around so fast – it is organized chaos.

So today when you walk around and see your fellow human being try to imagine that the person across from you might be going through something and you probably would not know. I think an important question to ask is: How is your health? How are you feeling? It does give the person the opportunity to return the social grace or really share. Also, people who do not feel good, are in pain or suffering often do not ask for help. When you say, call me if you need anything – most do not call

  • Offer specific help or ask, what is difficult for you to do? – Then help! If we all pay it forward it will make a difference!
Ducks like humans form a line and follow it! Make a new path,a better path for the world and yourself!


Isaac Levinsky

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