When It’s Raining Outside – Enjoy it! I Do!

Rain falling on water is so relaxing and peaceful

I have heard it, you have heard, “oh no, it is raining outside, that ruins my plans… or why does it have to rain…” I have noticed a trend that many people make assumptions about the ability of the weather to “ruin” a day. This is not helpful thinking or entirely logical. Whether it rains or shines I can still enjoy my day and so can you. Reading and watching movies are enhanced by rainy days. Rainy day naps are wonderful. In fact, I particularly enjoy the rain, and that is because I decided I like the rain.

Wait… you can decide to change your thinking?

Yes, you can!

There are many years of research that supports the use of changing out thoughts to help influence our behaviors and emotions and in a positive manner. This school of thought did not begin with psychologists. However, currently if you want to do some reading look into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), try to learn your new ABC’s from Rational Emotive CBT, or one of my favorites read about ACT (spoken like the word to “act” in a play), standing for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

I will skip over a lecture and simply state that it is possible to change one’s actions or behaviors, or thoughts and it can be good for you and modify or alter beliefs that work better for you or fit with your values.

So, I value being outside in nature. Rain is part of the natural cycle of weather and is important for LIFE, so therefore I like rain as well.

The microworld of plants and insects is awesome. Nature is inspiring.

When I walk in the rain I think about those great times playing sports in the rain with friends or swimming in the ocean during a small rain storm as it made the waves bigger. Perhaps next time it is raining, instead of thinking the rain is a nuisance you will think – the rain is an opportunity to experience life, and by the way – if you get wet you will dry, and if you do not want to get wet you can use an umbrella – just beware of thunder and lighting and be safe!

Just another rainy day in paradise!

Isaac Levinsky

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