Thanksgiving with Crohn’s Disease

As over 6 million people travel to be with loved ones this week according to the news this morning; I started thinking about the difficulties of celebrating Thanksgiving with Crohn’s Disease – a disease that by definition makes it hard or impossible to eat at time because Crohn’s Disease causes inflammation and pain potentially anywhere and everywhere in the digestive tract (esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine/colon).

I am a survivor of multiple surgeries thanks to Crohn’s Disease and I give thanks to God and to my family that I am still here and alive to celebrate this week.

Here are some general guidelines to help me through Thanksgiving with Crohn’s Disease

  1. Be thankful you are not in the hospital or having a surgery
  2. Be thankful that you are surrounded by family that loves you
  3. Eat Thanksgiving food according to how I feel, if I cannot eat at the dinner table, then enjoy the company of those around me, and do not eat or have an Ensure.
  4. Rest activity with balance. If I need to go take a nap and rest more than others – there is good reason, I am sick with Crohn’s Disease and take a chemotherapy drug for Crohn’s and a biological infusion and this combines to feeling bad, being in pain, being exhausted, and being disabled
  5. Thanksgiving meal is just another meal – The people, saying thanks, and the celebration is what matters
  6. Live in the moment 🙂


Isaac Levinsky

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