Never Forget 9/11 and Never Forget the Holocaust – Terrorism and Extremists still threaten USA, Jews, and Israel – We Must Stand Together!


George W. Bush Addresses the Nation on 9/11. His words are strong, what a great speech. #Neverforget911 #911Anniversary#Holocaust #Israel #Antisemitism #Chronic Illness #Crohns #standtogether

I am thankful yet quite worried. Thankful to be living in the United States of America. Thankful that I am still alive despite multiple surgeries and dangerous medications for my Crohn’s Disease. Thankful for those in public service that defend the freedom and right to live. Thankful that 18 years later our nation still honors our heroes and loved ones that are no longer with us. I am also thankful that our Nation supports other beacons of freedom around the world because against terrorism we must never give up. God Bless America. God bless our allies and those around the world who fight evil.

Yet, as I notice the rising Antisemitism around the world and in our great nation USA I know that as a nation we must stand behind Israel and stop Antisemitism here in our country as well. The Jewish people in America and in Israel and around the world would benefit from a United front from USA in support of our Jewish brothers and sisters. For if we are to be a beacon of hope and light for the world we must protect our citizens; all our citizens who are under attack by terrorists, including protecting the Jewish people.

This problem needs to addressed at the highest level and not speaking about the problem will not help. Staying silent does not help. Israel is a beacon of freedom, hope and light in the Middle East and we need to support Israel. I myself have been a target of Antisemitism going back to grade school when a racist bully wrote a Swastika on my desk and threatened me. I have spoken up and defended myself but the most hurtful part of the Antisemitism against me is that it has been done by those friends or others whom I considered to be friends. Spend enough time with someone and their bigotry will show up it seems. There have been many other incidents toward me as well.

The slogan Never Forget originally was used in reference to the Holocaust and it still is because we must Never Forget the Holocaust and the 6 million Jews that lost their lives in the worst possible ways during World War II by the Germans/Nazis and their allies. In fact the Holocaust solidifies the very need for the Nation of Israel to exist, to ensure the Survival of the Jewish People.

Regarding 9/11, I remember sitting in my English Class at High School when we first heard about the terrorist attacks. A moment in time that I will never forget. The unity and strength our nation USA has shown is unforgettable. We must stay strong as a country and remember that even in these horrible times of tragedy we remain the “beacon of freedom”.

This attack took place less than one year before I developed Crohn’s Disease, something else I will never forget. Life has never been the same since the terrorist attacks and since I began living daily with pain and suffering from chronic illness. A lesson from our great nation’s response to terror can be applied to personal pain and suffering from chronic illness like Crohn’s Disease. We must never give up, we must work together, we must be strong, we must continue to live our life the best way we can despite the terrible changes and events.